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 Current​ Exhibitions 



Artist: Arash Akbari

Artwork Name: PAT-3

Twitter: @fnekf

Instagram: @fnekf


Description: Moiré patterns appear in many different situations. in digital photography, It occurs when a pattern on the subject meshes with the pattern on the imaging chip of the camera, and a third separate pattern appears. By using these patterns as the source for growth, 'PAT-3' creates a hypnotic, evolving digital landscape while keeping the source patterns visible.




Artist: Jeremy Rotsztain

Artwork Name: Ciopprine

Twitter: @jmantissa

Instagram: @threevertices


Description: Ciopprine is an exploration of color in virtual space. As algorithmically generated forms slowly float through space, they reveal the colors of the world they inhabit. Adapted from the names of multiple colors, the title of the work reflects the dynamic and complex gradients produced through this compositional approach.



Artist: Jaime de los Ríos

Artwork Name: LVESM / BO

Twitter: @ARTEKLAB

Instagram: @arteklab


Description: Generative piece based on the studies of Antoine  Saint-Exupéry on the wind and flying artifacts.  LVESM uses  two mathematical equations of the French writer to make an algorithmic painting composed by geometry.


Artist: Matthew Keff

Artwork Name: Heyday

Twitter: @matthewkeff

Instagram: @matttkefff


Description: Heyday takes inspiration from mobile videogames and click-bait advertisements, emphasizing the fleeting pleasurable moments they aim to provoke.

Christmas Exhibit

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