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 Current​ Exhibitions 




Artist: Yoshi Sodeoka

Artwork Name: Permanent Waves


Twitter: @yoshi_sodeoka

Instagram: @yoshisodeoka




Description: "Permanent Waves" is an animated work generated by Yoshi Sodeoka's unique video feedback technique. This semi-abstract piece is composed of waves, flying birds and stormy sky in psychedelic colors to create distortions and illusions of an oceanscape. The organic motion produces shapes and colors that oscillates within a dreamscape, as if one is drifting in and out of reality.






Artist: LIA

Artwork Name: Black or White or More or Less

Twitter: @liasomething

Instagram: @liasomething


Description: Cascades of sliding line segments alternately hide and reveal black and white surfaces, opening and closing apertures into spaces that expand through and behind the virtual canvas in a mesmerising, infinitely varying interplay of dark and light.




Artist: Holger Lippmann

Artwork Name: PIXEL SWIRL

Twitter: @wowgreat

Instagram: @holgerlippmann


Description: By means of particle noise, an endlessly generating swarm of square "pixels" is generated. Within slowly changing movements, this creates a "field" of turbulence.



Artist: Eisuke Ikeda

Artwork Name: in light #003

Twitter: @EisukeIkeda

Instagram: @eisuke_ikeda


Description: Abstract animation deploying both traditional keyframe animation and contemporary digital techniques to explore a sense of visual "lightness".


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