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 Current​ Exhibitions 


藝術家: Daniel Huber


Artwork Name: dmh_kneidl_pattern_01

Description: This study plays with the rotation of an element. Connected, multiplied and influenced by an algorithm, the whole pattern became organic and psychedelic.



藝術家: Holger Lippmann


Artwork Name: Box Modulation

Description: The animation series "box modulation" explores time, space, dimension and their interrelationship. Starting with a single point, only when a cube is created that a space is created. Layered over each other, the space multiplies but at other times dissolves. Time and colour signify the endless possibility and fragility of this multi-dimensional expanse.






Artwork Name: Osmosis

Description: Data as pixels are continuously spawning and evolving, trying to form compound shapes. Different forces manipulate the data what cultivates a never ending habitat of shapes between curiosity and mystery.




Artwork Name: Rouge

Description: Red is the colour at the end of the visible spectrum of light, it's a color of extremes. It's the color of passion, energy and primal life forces.

Christmas Exhibit

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