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Dong Gallery Taipei is proud to announce a year long collaboration effort with White Stone Gallery starting October 26th 2018!


藝術家:Arash Akbari


Artwork Name:Twilight

Description:Twilight is a generative piece, inspired by the poetic color compositions of dusk and dawn sky. It aims at exploring the visual aesthetics of this phenomena in an abstract way by creating emerging digital forms, which are driven by the variations of the system's state.


藝術家:Andrea Familari

Artwork Name: Tribute To the Noise / H.09 *

Description: This procedurally generated visual is the result of Andrea Familari's exercise in style which aims to focus on the study of the generative noise's behaviour on screen. The aim of this graphic noise is to represent a chaotic digital landscape which is perpetually changing. The study is thus making the audience aware of the infinite possibilities of this visual which could go on forever.


藝術家:Bjorn Johansson

Artwork Name: dcontxtypmtrx

Description: "An intimate depiction of the curves and shapes of the open source typeface Plex. The glyphs' varying scale, crop and rotation puts them in a decontextualized state where they exist simply to be admired in this ever-changing matrix of positive and negative forms."


藝術家:Andreas Rothaug

Artwork Name: Rule 30: Cellular Computation In Blue

Description: The artwork "Cellular Computation In Blue And Yellow" uses the cellular automata mechanism discovered by Stephen Wolfram in the 1980s found across physics, chemistry and biology to explore how simple rules occurring in nature can create complexity and unique aesthetics.