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即將展出 Exhibit Schedule:





Dong Gallery Taipei is proud to announce a year long collaboration effort with White Stone Gallery starting October 26th 2018!

Next Exhibit:


Artist: Víctor Doval

Artwork Name: Spatial Definitions

Twitter: @VicDoval

Instagram: @vicdoval



Description: Small digital automatas fill  the void  with open boundaries that suggest imaginary spaces. When the composition is finished the process is re-started.The piece  is a code poem that calls the spacial imagination of the observer while consciously perceives the instantaneous magic of the "creating process".


Artist: kynd

Artwork Name: Alchemy - Chromatic pond

Twitter: @kyndinfo

Instagram: @kyndinfo



Description: Alchemy is a series of experiments on creating simulation of imaginary substances in which the distribution of these substances causes reaction to each other determining the next state. The chromatic pond consists of flowing water and different colors of substances that erode into each other resembling to crustal alteration.


Artist: Fan Guo

Artwork Name: Skylight

Twitter: N/A

Instagram: @tangledchief



Description: Skylight is a generative animation coded in Processing. It explores the dynamics between algorithmic abstraction and natural complexity.


Artist: Alex Le Guillou

Artwork Name: FOREST

Twitter: @boplbopl

Instagram: @alex_leguillou



Description: "FOREST is a series of real-time rendered visuals of nature. A graphic exploration of trees and organic environments.Through a technological representation, the artwork is a  way to imagine how machines observe our environment."